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Friday, 5 March 2010

Just sign up a domain name and hosting plan for

Yesterday night, I just signed up a domain name ( and hostingplan using HostGator.

The reason I signed up a paid domain name and hosting plan is because I have read in many articles that you have to be careful with free service (eg blogspot etc). They can simply close you account by saying you violate their terns and conditions etc. Other than that, by having own website will show your visitors a sense of prefessionalism if you are trying to run an online business ( selling clothes, service, writing blogs, etc)

HostGator has several plans. I chose the Baby Plan which is about USD$7.95 per month as advertised. Well, it didn't lie. It is really $7.95 per month but you need to pay in total for 36 months then only you can enjoy this rate.

But, it does give offer rate by automatically provides you the coupon code (eg "SUMMER", "SPRING", "GREEN" ) which will give you 20% discount of total amount paid.
*If you choose to pay monthly, you will only enjoy 20% discount of 1st month as the total amount paid is the 1st month. Thus, I chose to sign up for one year plan - Baby Plan

Baby Plan

•UNLIMITED Bandwidth
•Shared SSL Certificate
I not yet setup my new website It will take some time for me to develop it. I am planning to use wordpress and then split my blog into forex and internet marketing two main categories.

Following is the temporary interface of by HostGator.


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