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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Forex Robot/Expert Advisor - Planning to pump in more money to account to increase the earning speed

Looking at the promising result of Forex Transporter, I felt urged to pump in more money so that I can increase the lot size and earn faster.

Planning to make total account fund size to be USD$2500 ( me USD$2000, my girlfriend USD$500 ), then start with lot size 0.16, estimates each week 5 winning trades,

Below is the estimation

If the Forex Transporter works as ideal as the past 3 weeks, then the total profit will be USD$19162.50 at this year end. It is the greatest Christmas gift to me.

I will update my transaction details on Saturday.

PS: Yesterday I went dinner with a friend who has more experience than me in forex. He warned me to be cautious with any forex robot/EA as it might earn very well in the 1st few months, but it might also cause you bankrupt in a few trades. Trading forex has risk, you shall know your risk limit before you start using Forex Transporter.



  1. is it reliable? what ur setting in the EA? default setting only adjust lot size? how about FAPS?

  2. far..i see it is reliable...will be better if run after a few months...from using till now is about 3 weeks, profits 50% already

    the setting, don't change the default setting in the EA, only change your lot size according to your account fund size to avoid margin call