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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Forex EA/robot - Tomorrow Never Die

After one night of sleeping, I am thinking to use Forex AutoPilot as the EA.
This time try not to be greedy. Target 10% return per month. Target recover the loss in about one year time.
Do you think it is workable ?



  1. A few things u need to do before u can achieve the target:
    1. find out which months tat u need to shut down your robot (tat's a few BLACK months)
    2. Back test Auto pilot in CORRECT MANNER, i repeat CORRECT MANNER.
    3. Avoid broker manipulation
    4. Find out the optimum spread tat is PROFITABLE to use
    5. Use proper lot size
    6. find out what time is suitable to trade
    7.manage risk reward ratio many 1000

    Trading is not easy as many people think. The 1 to 7 items above needs A LOT efforts to find out (in terms of months not days)

    I wish you good luck!

  2. And I think your targeted return of 10% is a bit high :>