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Monday, 15 February 2010

Using Sony Ericsson J105i as internet modem

The wireless internet(EDGE,3G,etc) and broadband internet of Malaysia have flourished in these 2 years time thanks to more competition.

I myself is an internet addict. This CNY, I went back to hometown and my house there doesn't have any internet connection except the TM 1515 slow dial-up which will charge you per second.

Luckily I have subscribed to the Celcom internet RM38 monthly package. I use my Sony Ericsson J105i connect to my Acer laptop via usb cable. Then the phone functions as a modem.

Though the phone internet speed is slow, about 110kbps, I appreciated can online in my hometown here. While using the phone as modem, I still can use the phone as usual like to send and receive sms.

My eldest brother followed my footstep to subscribe to his Maxis daily internet - RM8 for one day. He used bluetooth to connect to his laptop cause he didn't have cable for his Nokia phone. Haha. Maxis internet speed is very disappointing. My brother gave up after a few tries.

I have heard many of my friends and newspapers commented Singapore internet is far more better than Malaysia. Singaporeans enjoy better and cheaper internet than Malaysians.


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