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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Forex Robot/Expert Advisor update 2

Hi guys and gals, this week is the 2nd week of running EA on VPS.

This time I will give out more detailed transactions info.

 1) Forex Autopilot (EUR currency Demo Account )

For this Forex Autopilot, the result is not 100% accurate as I just know from my friend that, he manual stops the losing trade, which means that the result is not 100% by EA. This happened is due to miss communication between him and I. I strongly disagree to disturb the EA. My ultimate goal is to have an EA that helps me auto generate income without any supervision - I really lack of time go check the forex price and news everyday due to daily workload.

The result starts next week will be 100% by EA.

2) Forex Transporter (USD Currency, my personal live account) 

This is my personal live account. If you try to find my account name and number, then you will be disappointed as I already modifed the account number and name before I uploaded the result to protect my privacy.

From here, I learned that we can not 100% trust the transaction details posted up by others. I can manual change the acocunt name and number and other info easily by modifying the html report.

I felt happy with the result. Haha, it is real money. Auto generated without my efforts. Now, my hobby is to go check the result every morning before I go work and before I go sleep. My mood is always enlightened by the result everyday.

However, as I always emphasized - you need to have a Virtual Private Server to run EA if you plan to use EA. Don't try it on your house internet connection no matter how good it is.

Other than that, you must also be cautious with your lot size and account balance to avoid margin call. Don't be greedy to put a large lot size if you account balance is small. This will destroy you. At that time, don't blame the EA.

On Thursday morning, my friend sms to warn me regarding my account's dangerous state where opened trades are losing huge money. I thank him for the alert. I didn't try to manual close the trade or open opposite trade to cover losses as I myself have set a rule for using EA - never manual disturb the EA. Last time, I lost money due to fear + greed in manual trade. Now, I have to learn trust the EA. If the EA wants loss all my money, then let it. Then, I will quit forex until i have enough money to make a come back.

3) Forex Maestro ( EUR Currency, Demo Account )

This EA is a bit scary. If you look at the transactions on 23rd Feb 2010, you will see it opened multiple trades at the same time. Luckily, the EA made huge profits from there. My friend said this EA will have the chance cause margin call as it will open many trades at the same time period.


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