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Thursday, 5 November 2009

Books do help us improve ourselves

I had stopped playing forex for a few weeks. Mainly due to losses in forex.

Recently, I read a few books on how to improve our consistency/steadiness in doing things. eg. keep fits, or stop smoking etc。

One of the methods I would like to share with you all are -

Point system
We can reward ourselves when we manage do something according to plan. Example, for a person who would like to quit smoking, he can start from decreasing the quantity of cigarettes per day. From 9 cigarettes per day, he can slowly decrease it. Maybe in 1st month, he only smokes 8 cigarettes. Then in the 2nd month, he smokes 7 cigarettes and so on. Everyday, if he manages follow the plan, then 1 point will be given to himself. He can reward himself when the points reach a certain amount. Maybe for every 60 points, he can go for a luxurious dinner or other things.

I try to make myself aso uses the point system. I will give myself 1 point if I read a book for maybe 15 to 20 minutes. I will also give myself 1 point if I post one new blog in this blogsite.
I will give myself 2 points if I clean my room. I am a lazy guy. Thus, cleaning room be a big task to me and the rewards shall be 2 points.

This is also penalty system. If I go to bed late due to surfing net, then I have to deduct my points.

Hope this Point System helps you have a better life.


16 Feb 2010 - I didn't follow this Point System : (


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